FIFA 19: Predicting The 10 Best Players

Not long to wait now!

EA Sports

If all goes well, a week from now we'll be ignoring all other responsibilities in life to dedicate our time into getting to grips with the demo of FIFA 19, which is due for release on September 13th.

Considering who the cover star is for this year's iteration of the game, it's safe to assume that Cristiano Ronaldo is still going to be a rather good player. Lionel Messi and Neymar, despite underwhelming World Cup performances, will also be highly-rated.

Beyond that however, it completely depends on minute shifts in statistics who EA deems to be the star players of FIFA 19.

The fact that we aren't just taking into account the previous season, but accomplishments in Russia this summer, means we may see certain players drastically improve, whilst others may never return to glory days of FIFA 18.

Honourable mentions must go to Kylian Mbappe and Mo Salah. Mbappe had a great season at PSG and announced his arrival on the world stage at the World Cup, whilst Salah had an almost unprecedented first season at Liverpool, but they don't make this list due to their rating last year. Despite being some of the top performers of 2018-19, they miss out as a result of FIFA's rating system being built on cumulative seasons of success rather than a breakout year.

Regardless, FIFA 19's release date is fast approaching, and here are my predictions for the best players on the game...

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