FIFA 19 Ultimate Team: 10 Best Cheap Hidden Gems

How to reap major rewards FAST...

FIFA 19 Ultimate Team
EA Sports

It's entirely possible to launch into FIFA 19's Ultimate Team and be hours deep before even playing a match. That speaks volumes to the game's endless, almost enchanting marketplace, one that makes it easy to get lost in a sea of coin-related decision making about funds and team chemistry.

You'll want to hoard those precious coins, because FIFA's best don't come cheap. Barcelona maestro Lionel Messi, for example, can cost an eye-watering 3 million of the bloody things, and Juventus hitman Cristiano Ronaldo will set you back approximately 2.4 million. That's an awful lot of slogging.

Not to worry. There's a quite brilliant solution: plunder the lower end of the market.

FUT boasts a crap ton of stars who are more affordable, and the best are featured here. None of the players on this list will cost you more than 3,000 coins, and zero of them drop below the mid-70s in terms of overall ratings. Bless EA for keeping things (somewhat) sensible and ensuring gamers have some good players to work with.

Think it's just hacks from Europe's lower leagues on offer? Think again. Half of these ply their trade in the Premier League...

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