FIFA 20: 10 Improvements We Want To See In Career Mode

Keeping Neymar Jr happy should be about more than just scoring goals...


Career Mode is dead, and EA killed it.

Is that a controversial enough opening line for you? If not, then you're probably just distracted after years of focus on money-makers like Ultimate Team or in-depth debates about which global footy star will be gracing FIFA's box art this year. Meanwhile, the once-proud Career suite is repeatedly overlooked like the unwanted puppy of the FIFA family.

The truth is that Career Mode definitely isn't dead. There's hope for the old dog yet, but it's on life support, and it needs some new features to breathe freshness into those old bones. Time for some more truth: the mode has needed change for the longest time now. Any Career more junkie will tell you that FIFA 19's Champions League integration wasn't enough.

The good news is that EA wouldn't need to totally overhaul the thing to pump some more excitement into it. All they'd need to do is tweak a few things here and there, take some inspiration from other modes like The Journey or FUT and turn the buggy, inconsistent single-player experience into one everyone can be proud of...

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