FIFA Ultimate Team 14: 8 Most Crazily Overpowered Strikers

8. Mame Diouf

Mame Diouf is a ridiculously potent player on FIFA Ultimate Team who €“ at 450-coins €“ is so cheap he can be used by a beginner player, eager to exploit the extremely dangerous Senegalese striker to buy them easy passage into the higher leagues. Playing for Hanover 96 means that Diouf can be fielded in a scary Bundesliga squad to receive the chemistry required to send him into overdrive. Diouf is a superb athlete. He can leap like a salmon out of water (93 jumping), sprint like a gazelle (90 sprint speed) and accelerate like a speeding bullet (86 acceleration). These physical statistics mean that Diouf can dart through a sluggish defence or leap through the air to score an ultra-frustrating aerial goal against you. Indeed, his 82-heading accuracy combined with his aforementioned jumping abilities mean that as soon as you see that Diouf card appear on your opponents team, you know his head will be getting at least a brace against you.
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