Final Fantasy VII Remake Release Date Revealed At E3 2019

Fans will be on Cloud Nine next March.

Cloud FFVII Remake

It's only take nine billion years, but a release date for the long-anticipated Final Fantasy VII Remake was finally announced at E3.

During a Final Fantasy VII: Symphonic Reunion concert heralding the official opening of expo, Square-Enix revealed that the nostalgia-ticking title half a decade in the making will be dropping worldwide on 3 March 2020 - just five years after the game was first announced.

A new trailer accompanied the news, ahead of the company's own E3 conference later today (6PM PST, 2AM BST), during which we're sure to learn plenty more juicy details.

One question in particular on fans of the original's minds is just what exactly all that swirly black nonsense which surrounds central protagonists Cloud and Aerith is. There was none of that business going on in the original game, and with the remake's gameplay already heavily deviating from the style of the original, it's a minor concern that needless alterations have been made to the plot as well.

The rest of the new trailer seems relatively faithful, depicting Cloud and eco-terrorist Barret's curtain-raising bombing mission of a Midgar Mako Reactor, as well as super-cool update on the hero's patented Omnislash Limit Break. Start licking those lips.

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