Football Manager 2015: 10 Most Infuriating Things That Always Happen

This game has made us all smash copious amounts of laptops off the wall, right?

Youre Fired Alan Sugar Has Football Manager ever made you want to throw your laptop at the wall? Smash it off the table? Admit it, we've all been there. Football Manager has been one of the best selling games of recent times and provides a great deal of entertainment to football fans across the world but it can frustrate and infuriate in equal measure. The addiction levels to this game are unparalleled. We all know someone who will sit up all night trying to make Stockport County champions of Europe or wears a suit for their team's day out at Wembley but the screams of anguish are just as common. The latest edition of the game is no different and those old, persistent frustrations are joined by some new ones that will drive you up the wall. Are the board not backing you in the transfer market? Is your star player itching for a move away to your biggest rivals? Does your centre half continue to dwell on the ball despite your repeated instructions to clear it up the field as soon as possible? What follows here is a list of the 10 most infuriating things that can happen you while playing the game.

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