Football Manager 2015: 10 Most Infuriating Things That Always Happen

10. Your Goalkeeper Has Come Rushing Out But What For?

So everything is going fine in the match. You're drawing with the league leaders but you have the momentum. You can sense a goal is coming for your side and your defence is looking solid. This win is just what you need to start a good run of form and shoot up the table but it all changes in an instance. A through ball splits your defence wide open, your centre halves are nowhere to be seen but it€™s OK, your goalkeeper has come rushing off his line to deal with the problem. He gets there first and puts his foot through the ball but it€™s possibly the weakest kick there has ever been. It barely reaches the halfway line where it lands on the boot of the opposition centre midfielder who successful lofts it into the empty net as if he were Xabi Alonso himself. Queue lots of swearing and promises that your overeager sweeper keeper will never play for the club again.

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