Football Manager 2015: 20 Best Assistant Managers

Nigel French/EMPICS Sport
Are you a lazy football manager that delegates all responsibilities to the assistant manager? Well this gallery is for you. For some, there are many areas of the Football Manager games that are simply a pain and take precious time away from buying players and winning trophies. This is where a fantastic assistant manager comes in handy. There are a whole host of things that you can make your assistant do in the game from delivering half time team talks, doing match perpetration training and speaking to the media. It is imperative that you find a man capable of doing your dirty work for you. What's the point in having someone else do many facets of your job if they aren't up to scratch. All they're going to do is damage your reputation and maybe even cost you your job. Of course, if you a high end baller that only manages in the Premier League, the chances are that the assistant already at your club is more than capable of doing a series of jobs for you. Then again, as in real life, many Football Manager gamers like to bring their own men in to make sure there is no confusion as to who is the boss. Men they have developed a close relationship with from previous versions of the game. Men that are not world renowned names but have the skill set to arguably do a better job than you even could. Men who fit into a manager's philosophies and never upset the proverbial applecart. Here are the 20 best assistant managers in Football Manager 2015.
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