Football Manager 2015: 20 Centre Backs You Must Sign

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Joe Giddens/EMPICS Sport
Over the last couple of seasons centre back has become the most important position on a football pitch. Well, that is if it is still classed as a position in the same way a left back and right back are. It could be argued that centre back should be classed as two or three different roles when you look at the numerous real-life managers that have tinkered on levels that would leave the original 'Tinkerman' Claudio Ranieri all crossed-eyed and sweaty. This has had a trickle down effect on the new blood for Football Manager wannabes. Gone are the days where all 'FMers' focussed all their attention their false nines and Trequartista. Instead, they are looking at how many different ways they can train a centre half to play in a three at the back, just to stick one to Messrs van Gaal and Rodgers who have made the system famous in the World Cup and Premier league. Do you buy a Vidic and two Ferdinands or a Terry, an Adams and a Campbell? It's all becoming very confusing at the back where everything was so simple at one time. To save you from the severe headaches that are undoubtedly heading your way, here are 20 centre backs that you must sign on Football Manager 2015.
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