Football Manager 2015: 20 Forwards You Must Sign

Emilio Morenatti/AP
The old saying goes that you're only as good as your forwards. Another saying states that a manager is only as good as his signings. So when you combine the two, you better make any forwards you sign mighty good ones. The forwards are invariably the men that stick the ball in the back of the net to win you points. And if they can't hit a barn door you will be relegated, no matter what level you are playing at. This importance on goals means you will have to pay a premium for these finishers in chief. It doesn't take a rocket scientist, that has wealthy backers behind him, to go out and buy the ready made man. The well established name that is guaranteed to fire you to numerous trophy wins. Where's the fun in that? The following players are not your typically recognisable names. Since you're reading this list, the chances are that you are already aware the established names who will definitely get you a goal or 30. The following players are those gems that crop up every year on Football Manager. Names that are struggling to make much of an impact in the real life game but are world beaters in the virtual realms of Sports Interactive. Here are 20 forwards you must sign on Football Manager 2015.
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