Football Manager 2015: 20 Right Backs You Must Sign

Jamie Carragher: "No one wanted to be a Gary Neville growing up," these lads certainly did...

Adam Davy/EMPICS Sport
Jamie Carragher's opinion on right backs is completely nonsensical. The former Liverpool man claimed that no one wanted to grow up to be a Gary Neville, who was once leading full backs in the world game. You'd hope that Carragher's sentiments were made purely in jest given the amount of time he spent playing the position in his early Reds career and for England. Carragher, and the rest of the mainstream pundits alike, knows the importance of finding the best full backs possible, even if he doesn't want to acknowledge their rise to prominence in today's elite level game. As we all know, the modern day full back represents an integral part of any team, no matter what system is being deployed by the manager. This necessity for a world class full back is nothing new, but the spotlight has been turned up a few notches in the last couple of years as the game has evolved at the highest level. At one point, you just needed to be able to kick lumps out of the opposing winger but now full backs need to be extremely talented footballers and seemingly super-human athletes. However, the likes of Brendan Rodgers and Louis van Gaal have complicated matters as they have masterminded the rise to prominence of the wing back role in their respective 3-5-2 formations, which many of the world's top stars hate. This is due to the nature of the position, are they meant to primarily attack, or stick to defending? It would have been interesting to see some of the greats like Cafu, Carlos Alberto and G Nev himself would have faired in the modern systems. No matter what system you employ on Football Manager 2015, here are 20 players that are suited to fill any role you give them on the right flank.
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