Football Manager 2016: 10 Ways To Make It More Realistic

Assertively: We've got to guard against complacency now. Don't think the job is done.

Football Manager is more than a game, it's a career, an all-consuming, round-the-clock operation designed to drag minnows from the depths of non-league football up to jostling with the European elite, and it's going to get even better. The beauty of Football Manager is that the basic formula has remained the same throughout its entire existence, that's not through laziness, it's purely because the original Championship Manager system was perfect. If it ain't broke, why fix it? But that doesn't mean Sports Interactive are resting on their record-breaking franchise. They're always looking for ways to tweak and enhance the system to add layer-upon-layer of glorious realism, making the thousands of hours spent by each manager holed up in their bedrooms a fraction more worthwhile. Obviously the creators can't stop the mighty Stockport County blasting their way to the 2034 Champions League trophy - the third in their history - nor can they prevent Blackpool from overtaking Barcelona and Bayern Munich on the world stage, but nobody is asking for fairytales to end. Fans want to see realism and smoothness in the game's features, without detracting from the magical nature of mankind's greatest achievement. Football Manager. Here are 10 updates that fans want to see in the 2016 instalment.

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