Football Manager 2018: 10 Tips & Secrets The Game Doesn't Tell You

1. Check The Transfer Rumours Page Regularly

Transfers FM18

There are many ways to unearth quality new players on Football Manager 2018, and your scouting network is just one of them.

No matter how much you've invested in your talent spotters, there are always potentially brilliant signings that will slip through their net, and a few of them can often be found on the transfer rumours page.

This can be accessed by navigating to the desired league and opening the news menu for that division. Try logging onto La Liga and seeing which youngsters Real Madrid and Barcelona are sniffing around. If either of those two clubs are after them, they're more than likely to be future world beaters.

This system for finding fresh talent really comes into its own a few seasons into the game when incredible regen youth players start being linked with the world's biggest clubs. Happy poaching!

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