Football Manager 2018: 15 Release Clause Bargains You Need To Exploit

Making contracts work for you.

Wikipedia/SI Games

There aren't as many bargains to be found in the release clause market as there used to be in previous games - though anyone with their own oil field could try and stump up the few hundred million it would take to get Barcelona to part with Lionel Messi. But heading to the scouting filters and uncovering those players who can be bought for guaranteed prices is still part and parcel of the game.

Everyone loves a bargain in the game - hence the culture around identifying wonderkids, free transfers and players with the most potential to increase in value - and those clauses mean you can get away from selling clubs whacking their own valuations up to squeeze as much out of their assets as possible.

Looking at the market to find bargains and clauses to exploit is part of the pleasure of the scouting system, and there are some guaranteed good options who won't cost a fortune and who will add real value to your squad. Make sure to check the Spanish market in particular, as clauses in contracts there remain mandatory (even if some of them are cartoonish in size)...

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