Fortnite Battle Royale: 9 Simple Features To Make It Better Than PUBG

9. Weapon Attachments To Even The Playing Field

Epic Games

There isn't much weapon variety in Fortnite, which can be a real pain for players who like to keep on the outskirts of matches rather than looting major cities. Because while finding the best guns is already a difficult task, finding weapons that have additional attachments is even harder.

Even worse, these weapon add-ons are unbalanced at the moment, as the already powerful assault rifles or sniper rifles come with scopes that make them even deadlier. To even the playing field a bit, these attachments should be able to be found in the world itself, making all the weapons fully customisable in the process.

Not only would it add more variety to the game, but it would also make every player more of a danger. While people rocking grenade launchers and rare assault rifles could still dominate, a crafty player with a common machine gun but a long range scope would still stand a chance of taking them out.

Finding different attachments in the world would make exploration even more valuable, and would only make firefights even more interesting.

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