This was almost certainly an inevitability at some point.

Gabe Newell is going to receive the BAFTA Followship at this year’s awards, that are taking place on March 5th. This is one of the top honours a game developer can get in the industry, and really is there anyone less deserving than the Valve CEO?

Gabe Newell has altered the state of gaming, not just once but continually and is possibly the biggest name in western gaming. (Maybe only eclipsed in the world by Miyamoto and Kojima) Newell of course has brought us world class properties like Half Life and Portal, but also is an innovator with the creation of Steam, that has forever changed the landscape of video games.

Newell even went on the record and said:

Valve owes a tremendous thanks to many in the UK – to those who have played our games, to the great support of the UK press, and to UK-based creative contributors such as Garry Newman. I look forward to accepting this prestigious honor on behalf of everyone in our community.

Newell recently held a talk with JJ Abrams at DICE, but also held his own keynote talk which heavily emphasised the future of the PC. Newell clearly believes in the platform over consoles, a belief that I think might well pay off in the next generation. I have added both talks at the bottom here. Both are interesting and well worth your time.

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This article was first posted on February 25, 2013