God Of War: 10 Awesome Rare Items You Totally Missed

Let's make those Valkyrie fights easier.


Now that the excellent God Of War has been out for a couple of weeks, players have had plenty of time to discover almost everything the game has to offer.

From crafting sexy armour pieces to digging up powerful Runic Attacks to spam, God Of War is a treasure trove of useful equipment and abilities, and while you'll come across a lot of good stuff as you play through the story naturally, the game greatly rewards players who venture off the beaten path and explore every corner of its mysterious realms.

Here, you'll find the very best enchantments, talismans, pommels, Runic Attacks and resources the game has to offer. Even on normal difficulty, God Of War can be a challenge at times, but going out of your way to acquire some of the best hidden kit in the game can make both the campaign missions and the side missions (damn that Valkyrie Queen) a lot easier.

So, whether you're stuck, or you simply want to turn your Kratos into the most badass warrior possible, here are ten missable, powerful items you definitely need to get.

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