God Of War: 7 Optional Bosses & Challenges You Must Find

7. Valkyries & The Queen Valkyrie

God Of War Valkyrie

Easily the hardest of the bunch in terms of ridiculously hard animation sets you'll have a hard time dodging or reacting to in time, the Valkyries show up in a variety of places.

Unlockable on the world map once you've completed the "Prove Your Valor" quest, I'd recommend journeying west from the spawn point in Alfheim for a relatively easy one to get started. Defeating Kara first also grants you the Talisman of Realms: A slow-motion mode that's essential for compartmentalising a TON of damage into a short window.

Activate it when any of the Valkyries are in a stun-lock or reaction animation, and continue to make a significant dent in their health bars.

The interrim seven are pretty easy if you use this technique, spec towards Runic attacks and don't forget to use both the Leviathan Axe set and your Blades of Chaos, as they have two specials a piece.

Queen Valkyrie Sigrun is where things get cranked into another realm of hurt. Activating after you've bested the others, you'll need the best gear from Niflheim, likely a resurrection stone and your reactions sharpened to dodge when her red attacks begin.

Beating all the Valkyries rewards you with great gear, but also a final - and VERY important - story beat that's otherwise kept a secret.

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