God Of War PS4: 8 Hands-On Impressions You Need To Know

Does it really deserve all the 10/10s?

God Of War

Across gaming's pantheon of great characters; its Links, Marios, Solid Snakes and Nathan Drakes, none were made to satisfying a primal urge quite like the violence-loving Kratos.

Literally designed to star in a series of titles that could be called Macho Bullsh*t: The Game, rattling through God of War was a glorious blur of ripped torsos, severed limbs, gushings of claret and a late 90s wrestling approach to dialogue.

In short, it was brilliant - only falling off the deep end in God of War 3, where it was clear Kratos had devolved into a raging a-hole that would destroy everything, friend and foe alike. This instalment gave us the mightiest graphics the PS3 had ever seen, alongside some pretty spectacular boss fights to boot, though it was the multiplayer-supported (?!) one-off Ascension that really made the world think they were done with the character.

Come the announcement of a full reboot/semi-sequel now set in Norse mythology, the reception was fairly positive, though we'd have to wait until launch to see just how many key changes had been made. Now that I've gone five hours with finished code (our review will be up within the week), there are a number of things any prospective buyer simply needs to know.

Note: There will be zero spoilers throughout.

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