God Of War PS4 Review: 10 Critical Reactions You Need To Know

Nobody expected this...

God Of War

After lying dormant for eight years since the last main instalment, Sony's God of War franchise has roared back to life thanks to developers at Santa Monica Studios, who have attempted to completely revolutionise the iconic Playstation title.

Keeping main character Kratos but changing everything else, the latest game sees the Greek god attempting to navigate an unfamiliar new world of Norse mythology, all the while trying to reconcile his violent, indulgent past and emotionally connect to his distant son.

"Kratos" and "emotion" in the same sentence eight years ago would have been an oxymoron, but with the upcoming release the developers have attempted to ground the ridiculous world of God of War, and create a game that's far more personal, and far weightier than previous instalments.

Fortunately, reviews have finally dropped and it seems as though not only has the series survived its transition from over-the-top spectacle fighter to serious, mature hack-and-slasher, but has come out the other end far, far better than anybody could have possible imagined...

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