God Of War - Ranking Every Game From Worst To Best

The Ghost of Sparta's greatest adventures.


Although the lack of recent releases may have caused some people to forget the pedigree of the series, God of War arguably hasn't had a single bad game in the franchise so far.

Every single game in the series has either been extremely highly rated, or represented some kind of massive technical achievement for whichever console it was on.

Combine all that with a combat system that has carried through over seven different titles, and it's pretty clear to see that Sony wouldn't be the first-party juggernaut they are now without Kratos, his array of skyscraper-sized bosses and some incredibly fun, brutally effective weapons.

All of this looks set to continue next month when God of War releases on the PS4. With amazing graphics, a brand new focus on the narrative and a fantastic looking combat system, who knows if it'll end up being the best game in the God of War series.

Before we get to the series' bold new direction and tonal overhaul, take a minute to remind yourself why so many people are excited for the return of Kratos in the first place.

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