God Of War: Ranking The 10 Best Boss Battles

The genocide of Greek mythology never felt so good.


In 2005, an infamously vengeful Spartan icon was born into the world of pop culture. Since then, Kratos has become instantly recognisable, and the series as a whole has become a staple in console gaming history, popularising quick time events and impressive gore amidst a thoroughly enjoyable journey through the mythos of Ancient Greece.

As a franchise championed by marketing and a sizeable budget, God of War only improved on the solid foundations of the first game, increasing in scale with the gigantism of its villains, building upon the lore of the series with even more huge players from Greek history, and expanding to a decidedly more cinematic and awe-inspiring use of cinematography and camera movement.

In short, it was medium-defining, beloved, innovative and one of Sony's most cherished gems for over a decade.

With the highly anticipated new game so close to release, and the critics raving about Kratos' clash with Norse mythology, it feels like the perfect time to look back on the Ghost of Sparta's storied hunt for revenge over the past 13 years, all to admire the brilliance of the series' boss battles thus far.

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