GTA 6: 10 Best Leaks & Rumours We Want To Come True

Now we've had some of these confirmed by an insider, GTA 6 is shaping up nicely.

Gta 6

Did you know GTA Online makes Rockstar and Take Two around 5 million dollars a DAY? Such is the sheer escapist pull of living an entire life of digital crime. It's the very reason Rockstar have stopped making anywhere near as many games as they did across the 2000s - I mean, can you name anything they've done other than GTA for the last half-decade? Even Red Dead Redemption 2 is the only other game in their pipeline for the foreseeable future.

All of their studio mandates have slowly been rolled into making what feels like an endless amount of DLC for GTA Online. Stunt packs, increasingly ridiculous cars, overblown heists and everything in between - GTA Online is one big amorphous blob of content, doled out to millions of us at a time, redefining what the appal of GTA is from front to back.

That said, at some point Rockstar's team of creatives are going to have to re-approach the idea of "What to do next?", with 20 years of history and experimentation under their belt.

What will GTA 6 turn into? And how much will the online component dominate its runtime? Time will tell, but there are already many leaks and rumours that would be perfect if they came true...

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