GTA 6: 10 Killer Features That Would Make It Great

Imagine running amok through GTA's world with VR support...


Nobody is expecting GTA 6 to be bad.

Rockstar, the brains behind the entire magic of GTA's universe, don't make bad games at this point in their history, and they've pretty much perfected their brand of sandbox crime sims by adding over-the-top characterisation, super-slick pop culture parodies and expanding rich, engaging worlds players can get lost in.

The days of clunky titles like PSone's The Italian Job, or even the limited top-down feel of GTA's earlier games are long gone by this point. Rockstar are a gaming and storytelling tour de force these days.

The problem is this: GTA 5 was so well-realised that topping it with 6 will be one of Rockstar's biggest challenges to date.

Series fans want more and more, and Rockstar themselves must also have become distracted by the wild success of GTA Online since 5's launch. Hopefully, that won't keep them from finding several killer features that will make 6 the best Grand Theft Auto game yet.

People are expecting big things here and demand more variation than ever before. Over to you, coding monkeys...

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