GTA 6: 10 Rumours You NEED To Know

Has Red Dead Redemption 2's maturity changed Rockstar's approach forever?


It's a sign of where the gaming world sits that Red Dead Redemption 2, a game released on 26 October, is already one some sections of social media are looking beyond. As good as Rockstar's cowboy western epic is, it's not their chief franchise. That tag belongs to the satirical sandbox of pop culture mash-ups and over-the-top violence that is GTA.

We want GTA 6 and we want it now, damn it.

People crave fresh content from a studio that has raked in cash from GTA 5 for over five years now, and RDR2 (an even more immersive and playable game than the exploits of De Santa, Philips and Clinton were) doesn't appear to be enough. The question is: just what should we expect from 6?

Will it drive the series forwards into a new dawn, one with less emphasis on comedic hijinks and the objectification of women, or will it be another helping of schoolyard fun that presses the media's buttons by glamourising violence? Only time will tell, but how much time?

There are so many questions about GTA 6, and so many rumours to go along with them. Here are the best ones you literally need to know...

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