GTA 6: 8 Rumours We Hope Aren’t True

7. Set In Japan

Rockstar Games

One of the burning questions surrounding Grand Theft Auto 6 is where the game's story will take place. A return to the Miami-lampooning Vice City seems most likely, since the last two sequels revisited Vice City and Los Santos, but the internet messageboard chatter continues to propose alternative destinations.

Rumours of a Japan-set sequel have circulated since reports that Rockstar once considered making GTA: Tokyo hit the net, echoed here by TechRadar. Let's hope this doesn't end up becoming GTA 6, because the Land of the Rising Sun's criminal underbelly has already been thoroughly explored in the Yakuza series.

Multiple news outlets have run stories suggesting that the next sequel will finally put those airports to good use by including missions set outside of the US. Going on a drug-smuggling run to South America would add scope to the game and the same could be said of a brief liaison with the Yakuza in the Far East.

A GTA game set entirely in Japan just wouldn't work, though. Not only has this kind of thing been done to death elsewhere, Americanism is firmly rooted in the franchise's DNA and it would feel like too much of a departure from the other mainline sequels if it suddenly upped sticks and relocated to the heart of Asia.


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