GTA 6: 8 Rumours We Hope AREN'T True

8. A Return To The 1980s

Rockstar Games

With its colourful 1980s setting and vintage cop show tropes, 2002's Grand Theft Auto: Vice City remains a fan-favourite entry in the series, so it makes sense for Rockstar Games to revisit its Miami-esque backdrops in the next sequel.

Citing the usual "inside sources", YouTube channel The Know ran a report claiming a return to Vice City is indeed on the cards in GTA 6, and forum users across the net have taken this as confirmation that the game will also retain the '80s setting.

Hopefully, this won't be the case because setting the game during the same time period as Vice City would be a huge missed opportunity on Rockstar's part. As delightful as it was the first time around, GTA 6 should explore in detail how the series' version of Miami has evolved over the last three decades or so.

There has also been speculation that the next game will be a prequel to Vice City, set during the 1970s. This would also be more interesting than simply rehashing the same backdrops, albeit with the power of modern console hardware to make them snazzier.


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