GTA 6 Online: 6 New Features Rockstar MUST Include

6. Reliable Servers On Launch

Microsoft/Sony/EA/Warner Bros/Activision

Nowadays the servers for GTA Online are relatively solid, offering a smooth gameplay experience. Sadly, the same could not be said for those who first jumped into the online Los Santos when it went live in October 2013.

Those who were there on day one will recall waiting forever to get in, constant crashes, incessant loading screens and regular disconnects. Whilst this was overlooked and forgiven by fans in 2013, Rockstar should expect much harsher criticism should they botch GTA 6's online launch in a similar fashion. As games evolve, so do fans’ expectations.

There are a couple of ways for Rockstar to address this issue. Firstly, they should properly beta test the game before launch. They need to work out as many kinks as possible before the world opens to the wider public. Secondly, they should run analytics to make an estimate of the number of day one players, providing server capacity that exceeds that figure.

These steps may come across like an irritating delay to some players, but the majority would surely prefer a later launch to one that has clearly been rushed, being plagued with issues.


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