GTA IV Iron Man MRKIII Mod Features Flying, Repulsers And Super Punches

iron am

While solo titles of Iron Man have never quite been able live up to the promise of the premise, it doesn't mean there aren't alternatives. In fact you could play as him in one of the most successful and critically acclaimed open world games to ever hit gaming.

Proving that there is nothing a modder can't achieve if they put their mind to it, H1Vltg3 has put together a pretty impressive mod that allows Iron Man to fly around the streets of Grand Theft Auto IV. Featuring repulsers of various sizes, flying, as well as a mighty super punch, it comes with it's own animations and sounds to match what is happening on screen.

Kudos to Kotaku for flagging the mod. It is now available here.

See, just like Iron Man. If he was a homicidal maniac who punched citizens in the park for seemingly miles. You might even get into some crazy cocaine fueled hijinks if you still got some of the story to play.

Just waiting on a Skyrim mod that will let me play as any member of the Avengers. Feel free to create that mod yourself, but realise that it is MY idea and any money you make is MINE.


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