GTA Online: 10 Tips For Levelling Up & Getting Rich Fast

Gtaonline11 While some people think that Grand Theft Auto Online is all about joining up with your friends to race, pull heists, skydive, rob gas stations, compete in deathmatches and generally have a good old time, it isn't. What we all actually know, but will never admit publicly, is that GTA Online is all about making cold hard cash and splashing it around to make your friends incredibly jealous. If it's buying killer apartments, garages full of sweet rides or pimping out your shiny new shotgun, showing all your mates how awesome you are is what it is all about. So, in order for me to help you in becoming the king rich bitch in Los Santos and Blaine County, here are the top 10 tips for levelling up and making max dollar in GTA Online.

10. Rob Those Stores

Gtabank1 Robbing the numerous gas stations and liquor stores dotted around the virtual world are incredibly helpful in building a basis for your empire when starting out in Grand Theft Auto Online. The game even goes as far as marking the robable stores on your in game map, just to make it easy for you. PRO TIP! Head into those stores wearing a mask from the Vespucci Beach mask stand and the next time you pop in, either for some easy money or just to buy some snacks, the poor cashier will not recognise you - allowing you to rob them over again. However, watch yourself. Turn your back on some till attendants and they will pull a gun on your unsuspecting ass. Also, if you do manage to rob them all, a trophy or achievement will be yours. That's a two for one.

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