GTA V: 10 Greatest Characters

Trev on a Sanchez

The Grand Theft Auto series has always been hailed for its cast of contemporary yet unconventional characters, and Grand Theft Auto V continues that tradition. Every character you meet on your journeys through Los Santos and Blaine County is colourful and brimming with Rockstar's trademark personality. Characters are vain, self-involved caricatures of social classes, and while it can't be said that anyone in Rockstar's epic is particularly likable, everyone is ridiculously compelling. The genius of Rockstar's characterisation is that it feels almost overwhelming. Everyone is interesting, regardless of how big of a role they play. A Stranger/Freak could turn into your favourite character in 30 seconds. Anyone could spin-off into their own story, Hell, even their own game. With GTA V, the level of detail has not just been improved in the visuals, but also in the things you don't see. You meet hundreds of characters, who all have their own agendas, their own lives, their own mannerisms. So here, we will try to muddle through the crowds, the plethora of freaks and indeed strangers, the kingpins and the street bums, to try and find GTA Vs 10 greatest characters...

Honourable Mention - Chop The Dog

Gta V B1 Love him or loathe him, Chop the dog is an interesting addition to the string of canine companions in gaming. Aside from being pretty useful in a couple of missions, he doesn't really do much unless you take the time to train him. To do this, you really need (in real life) the iFruit app hooked up to your Rockstar Social Club account. Here, you can play what is essentially a budget version of Nintendogs, where you can spend time with the pooch, feed him, water him, walk him and pick up his leavings. It's okay...for the first few minutes. Then you realise you're getting notifications about Chop taking a poop every few hours. Yes, this is no COD, or Fable III, or Fallout. Chop will poop on your lawn, whether it's in the game or on the app. Somewhere along the line, Chop stops becoming a really cool dog, and just becomes work, so much so that I have seen many an article about people driving the mutt off a cliff. Literally. I haven't gone that far, but I will admit that my Chop is just chilling at Franklin's condo up in the hills, and as far as I'm concerned, he can stay there.

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