GTA V: 10 Hilariously Stupid Moments Captured In Los Santos

With GTA V now out for a good few weeks, and players well beyond the end of the main story,…

Simon Gallagher

Executive Editor

Bike Plane Gta V

With GTA V now out for a good few weeks, and players well beyond the end of the main story, the game is beginning to show its real claims to longevity in the activities around the game. We know there are probably hundreds of Easter Eggs, and side missions to fill your boots, as well as the infinite appeal of simply larking about in Los Santos and toying with the cops.

But there’s only so much any game can offer, even with the massive scope that Rockstar have put into GTA V, before the player ends up seeking out idiocy. We’re all drawn to it – the glitches, and fails and idiotic choices of writers, developers and fellow players – and GTA V provides a massive amount of stupidity to quench that need.

We aren’t talking the stupid ways you can waste time after you’ve finished the Story Mode, like high-octane cow-tipping, or urban parkour – these are the unintentional, the grotesque and the gleefully silly moments that genuinely impress or make you laugh.

And they start with a particular high-point…

Honourable Mention

Gta V Strippers

We Can Hear You, Dirty Devil!

Just when you think you’ve seen everything there is to see, and learned everything you need to know about Grand Theft Auto V you discover something so brilliant, and so brilliantly entertaining that they knock you almost sideways.

One such revelation has appeared in the past 48 hours, revealing to the world that if you’re taken by the urge to visit a stripper on GTA V Online, you will be required to flirt over the mic to encourage her.

Rather brilliantly, everyone else in your game will also be able to hear your clumsy and often hilarious attempts to simulate real flirting, including your hilariously off-tone moralising about a stripper’s chances of really being someone.

[springboard type=”video” id=”821057″ player=”what003″ width=”600″ height=”400″ ]

It’s hard to say whether this flirter is actually an idiot or a genius – especially in terms of the berating comments about not amounting to anything, but the overall effect is still skin-crawlingly awkward.