GTA V: 10 Incredible Things We Learned From The Achievement List

2. Sharks Can Eat You

GTA V: Clothes and Accessories We knew a long time ago that sharks would be appearing in GTA V after the above screenshot was released, though the capacity in which players would be able to interact with them remained largely secret...until now. While in San Andreas and Vice City they cannot be approached or attacked, things are set to change in GTA V; the vague, sketchy achievement called "Out of Your Depth" simply states that, "you're gonna need a bigger boat", a totally unveiled reference to Jaws, and therefore, of course, the idea of encountering a shark attack while out on Los Santos' sun-kissed waters. Not only does this suggest that you can take down, even perhaps capture a shark to be sold back on dry land, but the inevitability that, without a sizable amount of weaponry or a decent enough boat, you may very well just be eaten by the shark.

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