Gta V Headset

The buzz surrounding the fifth instalment of Grand Theft Auto refuses to die. One of the best games, and the most universally acclaimed of recent years is a hard act to follow, but this Autumn/Winter has been host to an absolute plethora of delights for gamers.

GTA V has certainly not had it all own its own way in the marketplace, with major releases and hidden delights certainly challenging GTA V in the quality stakes. The next few months should see just as strong a release schedule which makes for one of the best/worst Christmas and Easter periods ever, depending on whether you’re playing or being rendered superfluous by the gamer in your life.

One of the hardest questions, quite frankly, is just what to buy and whether it’s worth putting aside GTA V for. Here are 10 games either on release now or coming soon that could potentially even eclipse GTA. Whether they do or not, it’s certainly going to be fun finding out.

As ever, if I’ve missed anything you’ve been designating a small area on the edge of your seat in anticipation for, or an entry on the list has resulted in anti-climax for you, let everybody know in the comments section below.

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This article was first posted on November 9, 2013