GTA V: 10 New Multiplayer Facts We Learned

8. Double-Cross Your Fellow Criminals

Gta V 4 One thing I really wanted to hear in GTA V was that it gives you the ability to be incredibly snide and double-cross your buddies, and low and behold, you're able to do exactly that. Say if you and a friend have just robbed a liquor store, you'll drive to a local lock-up to lie low, and whoever physically retrieves the cash from the clerk then has the responsibility of dividing up the loot. It's totally up to him; he could go the customary 50-50 route, or he could rip you off and try to flee. Of course, nobody's going to take that lying down, so if you're not happy with your take and talking it through via headset hasn't got you anywhere, you can just stop the car and kill your co-thief, at which point you can steal all the cash and ride off into the sunset. Unless it was a sizable amount of cash, I think I'll be more prone to just driving the car off a cliff and bailing out at the last minute.

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