GTA V: 10 Offensive Easter Eggs You Need To See For Yourself

10. Nudist Cannibals

What better way to start this list off than with some naked folks who like to eat other folks? Considering the man is a mental wreck, and not afraid to dabble in the darker side of society, it should perhaps come as no surprise that Trevor is involved here. This isn't the first time Rockstar have created flesh-eaters, Red Dead Redemption had several of them, but there's something even more creepy about this Altruist Cult, who are also keen nudists. Intriguingly, not all members go for the no pants look, and some even wear a modest amount of clothing, but it cannot be denied, there's something altogether more frightening about someone chasing you for the purpose of eating when their Johnson is swaying in the breeze. Trevor's trusty sidekick Ron alerts the player to these nudist cannibals, who request "lost souls". Basically, Trevor can pick up several strangers in the wilderness, and deliver them to the Altruist's camp for a financial reward. After four have been delivered, Trevor is captured, and must fight his way out of the place, killing everyone, and their crazy penises. Videogames, distasteful? Nah!

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