GTA V: 10 Predictions That Will Come True

10. It€™ll Break Franchise Sales Records

The GTA franchise already has an unbelievably impressive track record in pre-orders and sales as it is. The best performer of course was San Andreas, which, as of April this year, boasts a staggering 22.76 million units sold. Vice City trails closely behind with 20.71 million and GTA IV isn€™t that far behind in third place with 18.51 million (source: VGChartz). But with GTA V€™s unbelievable hype, Rockstar€™s clever drip-feed marketing strategy, and with so many monitoring the GTA franchise so vehemently, it seems to me that this next release is going to be big. My prediction, in fact, is that GTA V will shatter all previous records for the series, and stand victorious as Rockstar€™s highest selling title in the franchise to date.

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