GTA V: 10 Reasons Trevor Is One Of The Greatest Video Game Characters Ever

Trevor 1

A lot of good has come of Grand Theft Auto V. Whether it€™s a whopping $1 billion in sales (which the game made in a record-breaking three days), revolutionary and ambitious gameplay, or an exciting story comparable to the best movies, Rockstar have outdone themselves. Still, none of the game's achievements can compare to what is perhaps its most universally praised aspect - the psychotic and brutally hilarious Trevor, who has since emerged as the world's favourite fictional redneck.

It€™s a testament to how entertaining GTA V is on the whole when you factor in that it was a huge blast playing the game before Trevor was properly introduced (almost 5 hours in for me). When he does make his first appearance, the tone and tempo shift into places of unprecedented and uproariously-maddening chaos. The fun factor of the game increases from 10 to 20 as you finally get your hands on somebody who is immediately catapulted to the highest echelon of not just GTA characters, but gaming characters in general. Here are 10 reasons why our friend Trevor is up there as one of the greatest video game characters ever...


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