The internet is completely riddled with GTA V rumours like you wouldn’t even believe. In fact, if there were a pie chart somewhere dedicated to representing how people use the internet, I imagine it’d be something like 49% Porn, 49% GTA V speculation, 2% everything else.

Make no mistake, researching a piece like this isn’t exactly easy, trust me; try typing GTA V rumours into Google – if you want to make it to the bottom of the list, you’re in for the long haul. There a GTA 5 rumour out there pertaining to almost everything you can imagine; release dates, protagonists, characters, combat system, driving mechanics; if you can name it, there’s a GTA V rumour about it.

As with all rumours, some are believable enough that they might be true, they might actually be leaked pieces of information from the R* offices (which is what they almost all claim to be), others are complete and utter boll*cks. There are rumours that you just hope to god are true, then there are also rumours that you hope equally as hard aren’t.

Recently we posted the flip-side of this piece; GTV: 10 Rumours We Want To Come True. Why not check it out when you’re done here? For now though, let’s dive into the 10 that we really hope don’t come to pass.

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This article was first posted on October 7, 2012