Grand Theft Auto V has rightfully been rolling around in positive reviews and word of mouth praise for almost a month now. The game does things that no game before it ever has, and between its cinematic storytelling, engaging gameplay, and living, breathing environment, it stands as the perfect triple-A game to send off this generation of consoles.

However, with over thirty hours of your life invested in the stories of Michael, Trevor and Franklin, it all comes down to one choice – made on a smartphone, no less – to decide how it ends. That, for such a wonderful game, just isn’t good enough. There needs to be more – be it buildup, details, payoff, or execution – to reward the player for their hard work.

Here are 4 possible endings that could have improved the end of Rockstar’s latest triumph (spoilers from here on in, by the way)…

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This article was first posted on October 8, 2013