Grand Theft Auto V remains to be officially confirmed for next generation consoles by developers Rockstar Games, but according to at least one retail website, it will be making an appearance on the Xbox One at some point later this year.

And if it has been listed for Microsoft’s next generation console, you can practically guarantee it will also see an outing on Sony’s PlayStation 4.

This is news that many gamers had long expected – when Rockstar delayed their hugely anticipated sandbox title from spring to September, many analysts speculated if that was perhaps too close to the release of next generation consoles to be a coincidence.

Clearly, releasing the latest iteration of Grand Theft Auto on the newest console would make sense. Rockstar were always going to be either negatively affected by next-generation consoles or take advantage of them and it is the latter that makes for better business.

With Ubisoft’s Watch_Dogs already making waves with many suggesting it could even be a “GTA beater”, they had to act fast to prevent V from being overshadowed.

And by releasing it onto next gen machines, they are opening up a ton of exciting possibilities.

Here’s 5 of them.

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This article was first posted on May 27, 2013