Grand Theft Auto is a series of video games known for its compelling storylines, dangerous missions and intriguing narrative. For much of the series’ run, it is the completion of said missions that is paramount before the player can first explore the map in its full, sprawling entirety, unlocking islands along the way.

The game is also renowned for its occasionally madcap side missions and quests, often triggered by markers found in back alleys and other odd locations.

From delivering pizzas to moonlighting as a taxi driver, or even flat out impersonating a paramedic and policeman, it is these side quests that give the player a much needed break from being a crazed, machete-wielding psychopath.

And they are often as zany as they are fun, particularly the ones that let us kill people.

GTA V, just the latest in Rockstar Games’ ultra-popular crime-riddled sandbox series, is bringing back the “randomised dynamic missions” feature found in Red Dead Redemption, which means we’re practically guaranteed to be faced with more random, crazy situations as we navigate our way through Los Santos come September.

Side missions have been a prevalent feature in just about every GTA game to date, and we expect V to be no different.

Here then, we bring to you 5 Forgotten Side Missions That Have To Return in GTA V.

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This article was first posted on June 20, 2013