GTA V: 5 Hilarious Ways To Die

Gta V B GTA V has been out for over a week now, and the chances are you've all seen the above "Wasted" image after either doing something stupid or being bested by an enemy (unless you're this guy). There are a litany of ways to die in Grand Theft Auto V, the latest iteration in the long-running sandbox series created by Rockstar Games that has had us all taking sick days off work recently. From being shot, crushed, run over, punched, blown up, drowned, stabbed or eaten (yes, eaten), the three main characters, Michael, Trevor and Franklin, can perish in a variety of gruesome ways. And here, we take a look at the 5 most hilarious ways to die...

5. Death By Train

Gta Train Just like in real life, it's always a good idea to stay off the train tracks (unless you just so happen to be another train). Try telling that to Michael, Trevor and Franklin. Death by train mostly comes about out of boredom or intrigue (as in, just how badly am I going to die here) and it's one of the more hilarious ways to end your life in Rockstar's epic sandbox. Simply park up your car in the middle of the tracks, and wait for the inevitable, or, better yet, exit your vehicle and climb up onto the roof for maximum carnage and pain.

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