When Game Informer magazine released their hotly anticipated December issue featuring an 18-page spread on the equally as fervently anticipated Grand Theft Auto 5, fans across the globe clamoured to see just what Rockstar Games had up their sleeves.

A number of features were revealed in December after a fairly quiet marketing campaign on the developer’s part, such as the addition of scuba diving, randomised dynamic missions and a larger focus being placed on bank heist-related missions.

But by far the biggest piece of news from the December information blowout was the inclusion of not one, not two but three main protagonists to the series for the first time in the popular sandbox title’s history.

Say hello to Michael, a former bank robber; Franklin, a young and ambitious hustler and finally Trevor, a war veteran. These are the three protagonists we will be following throughout the sprawling world of San Andreas when the game is released this September.

The inclusion of three protagonists throws up several thoughts and possibilities, and whilst it seems like an exciting feature, it may also have its drawbacks.

Here, we examine five ways multiple protagonists in GTA could be a great idea, and also examine why it might not be.

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This article was first posted on February 19, 2013