The release of Grand Theft Auto V has now been delayed from the vague ‘Spring 2013′ release date to an official date of 17th September 2013. In their press release, Rockstar cited that the reason for this was to ensure that the game was completed to the highest standard. That has come as a disappointment for many fans of the franchise. But, maybe taking this extra time with the game is to achieve near perfection, especially as this is one undoubtedly of the most highly anticipated game releases of all time.

However, one of the things that would achieve that level of perfection for me is to do away with some of the awful side missions that fans have had to play through over the years, just to be able to achieve 100% completion. With some of them, they are widely considered one of the most infuriating and monotonous activities in any game, not just the GTA franchise. Now, it’s time to count down the top five.


5. Taxi Driver


It’s surprising to see how many people would like to see this activity return in full. It was present in GTA IV, but you could only drive Roman’s taxi for some quick cash and I don’t think many players even attempted it. After completing one or two taxi missions in earlier games, you realised that they were all the exact same thing but just were further out on the map from your destination each time. The rewards for actually completing many of these in the earlier games wasn’t great, either. Personally, I hope they never make a return to GTA.

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This article was first posted on February 1, 2013