GTA V: 5 Terrible Side Missions We Don't Want To See

3. Friend Activities/Dating

When the first news came out about these two similar activities in GTA IV, it didn't seem that bad. Your friends on the game would call you every now and then to hang out, as would your girlfriends. But what nobody really expected is the frequency as to which these calls would come - they were literally every five minutes, especially as you progressed further through the main story and met more people. After completing a few missions, was there anything more boring than having to go bowling with Brucie or Roman? The actual activities weren't great, either. Once you had completed them once, they then had minimal replay value. It was the same with girlfriends, as you could do all the same activities with them. I really hope that this is a mechanic that is improved in GTA V somewhat. Even having less calls would be a major improvement.

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