Gta Cops

Grand Theft Auto is virtually synonymous with police chases, deadly shootouts and trying to evade arrest as the law enforcement try desperately to put to an end your crazed and totally unprovoked killing spree.

Throughout the sandbox title’s long and storied run, a “wanted level” system has been in force which brings varying levels of police attention raining down on your head the more felonious your behaviour becomes.

Get it up to one, and you’ll just have the local bobby on the beat trying to nick you with a pair of cuffs, get it up to six, and all hell breaks loose as military helicopters, tanks and marksmen try to take you down.

Screwing around with the police and seeing how long you can survive a 6-star wanted level is one of our favourite pastimes and can make for hours of fun, and we expect that to be no different when GTA V hits shelves later this month.

But considering how huge and expansive V is going to be, a game which gives us far more than guns, bombs and get-away vehicles, we thought there might be a few other ways to have fun.

Ways to have fun which, God forbid, don’t involve breaking the law.

And here’s 5 such ways.

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This article was first posted on September 3, 2013