From Claude, Tommy Vercetti and Carl Johnson, the Grand Theft Auto series has always had some pretty memorable characters since those groundbreaking days of GTA III.

Anyone familiar with the Rockstar Games-created sandbox franchise will know the series primarily follows one protagonist/antagonist through their trials and travails of a fictitious city.

There’s been Liberty City, Vice City and San Andreas to date, the latter we all gleefully returned to in our droves when GTA V hit store shelves exactly one month ago today.

Except things were a little different in this reimagining of modern-day California. Now, players control three characters through an interweaving storymode rather than the traditional singular, lone hero.

Introducing you, just in case you’ve emerged from a month-long stay under a rock, to Michael, Trevor and Franklin, the game’s central characters and all-round psychopaths.

News that Rockstar were about to introduce multiple protagonists was initially met by anger and confusion on fan forums – why, after all, change a formula that has worked so well down the years?

Upon release, however, many soon realised that it was actually a pretty good addition to the series.

The ability to switch characters not only provides replay value when you’re growing tired of just one, but also comes in hand for traversing the game’s enormous map.

And, switching between the three triggers occasionally-hilarious “transitional scenes”, and here, as take a look at 7 of our favourite.

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This article was first posted on October 17, 2013