It still feels like forever until GTA V finally hits out shores on September 17th, but time is quickly ticking away, and what better way to pass a few minutes more than by looking back at the franchise’s inestimable legacy?

Grand Theft Auto is an absolute juggernaut of an entertainment commodity, proving to be one of the most profitable and popular entertainment enterprises ever undertaken; its name is known even to those who have never picked up a controller, and its ripples of influence are felt all throughout pop culture.

However, there are probably a few things you don’t know about GTA – here are 9 crazy facts that will blow your mind…



9. GTA Exists Because Of A Glitch In A Different Game


GTA would not be the behemoth that it is today if not for a happy accident while developing a prior game called Race ‘N Chase. This game had a similar style to what eventually became GTA, with the idea being that you play as cops or robbers, either performing the robberies or stopping the perps. When playing as a robber, the glitch that changed everything caused the AI police cars to try and run you off the road rather than actually “bust” you.

This was popular enough with testers that the model of the game was re-worked to better suit this dynamic, and so GTA was born! Just imagine; if that glitch had never happened, we might all be clamouring for Race ‘N Chase V this autumn…or not.

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This article was first posted on June 14, 2013