GTA V: 9 Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

5. GTA IV Has 80,000 Lines Of Dialogue

The GTA games are frequently praised for their strong standard of voice acting throughout, easily some of the best that gaming has ever seen, whether a name actor like Ray Liotta or Samuel L. Jackson has been enlisted, or a relative no-namer. It's all the more impressive that this level of quality is maintained given how much dialogue there is to sift through, with GTA IV reportedly containing a staggering 80,000 lines of dialogue! To give this figure some context, Mass Effect 3 has around 40,000 lines, and Fallout: New Vegas has 65,000 (a world record for role-playing games at the time), yet GTA IV, with its barrage of citizens passing you by while speaking on their mobile phones, needs to have much more going on to convey the bustling landscape. GTA V, with its larger map, will inevitably top this, but by how much we'll have to wait and see...

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